So, who is learning Python?

Published on October 7th, 2019

Who is learning Python? A question I’ve been getting regularly, is “who are attending your Python workshops?”. Maybe surprisingly, it is mostly non-developers*. Some common job roles of the participants are: 

    1. Sales
    2. Account Manager
    3. Growth Hacker

Below is a “word cloud” of job roles from the Python workshop participants. 

Word cloud of job roles of Python training participants
Job roles of Python training participants

As you can see, it is very diverse! Why is this the case? Generally, I see two main reasons for this.

Data Driven approach

Firstly, companies are moving to a more data driven approach to business. Both companies and their clients are generating increasing amounts of data. For example: increasing numbers of business transactions, ad-words results, marketing mail opening rates, campaigns, etc.  This is all data that can be used to improve/streamline  a business. So people look at ways to collect, analyse and use the data. Python is a great tool for this. It has a lot more capabilities than the good old Microsoft Excel.

API offering

Secondly, more and more companies are offering API access to their product. Sales people and account managers are not always fully comfortable with these product offerings. Using a beginners-friendly programming language like Python to test their own products, helps them understand the products better. Hence, it results in better sales rates.

So, if you like to join one of the workshops, check out the calendar at:

Happy coding!


*Some of the participants have some coding experience, usually C++, C# or R, but the majority does not. Python is a beginner-friendly language, so everyone is welcome!

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