Python at Universities in The Netherlands

Published on March 2nd, 2020

Python is becoming a widely used programming language at Universities. It is beginner friendly and a suitable tool for research. Of course you will see it in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence, finance and economics. You are probably also not surprised to see it in beta fields like biology, astrology and engineering. But you might be surprised to also encounter it in linguistics, psychology and sociology. These days, it is everywhere!

For example, check out these 25 courses where Python is used:

Scientific ProgrammingUniversiteit van Amsterdam12
Algorithms and Data Structures in PythonUniversiteit van Amsterdam6
Introduction to PythonUniversiteit van Amsterdam6
Computational FinanceUniversiteit van Amsterdam5
Big Data and Automated Content AnalysisUniversiteit van Amsterdam6
Modelling and SimulationUniversiteit van Amsterdam6
Text Mining and Collective IntelligenceUniversiteit van Amsterdam6
Python for FinanceVrije Universiteit Amsterdam6
Introduction to Python for Humanities and Social ScienceVrije Universiteit Amsterdam6
Introduction to ProgrammingVrije Universiteit Amsterdam3
Programming in Python for Text AnalysisVrije Universiteit Amsterdam6
Programming Fundamentals Using PythonErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam6
Introduction to Data Science with PythonErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam6
Scientific computing for Drug Discovery in Python and/or RUniversiteit Leiden1.5
Python for LinguistsUniversiteit Leiden5
Ocean WavesTU Delft6
Aerospace Signals, Systems & ControlTU Delft7
Geostatistics & Remote SensingTU Delft5
Machine LearningTU Delft5
Python for PhysicistsRijksuniversiteit Groningen5
Data Analytics for EngineersTU Eindhoven5
DBL Gene ExpressionTU Eindhoven5
Computational ThinkingUniversiteit Utrecht7.5
Introduction to Python for Life SciencesUniversiteit Utrecht3
Bioinformatics & GenomicsUniversiteit Utrecht7.5

So, many graduating students will enter the workforce with Python as a skill. As a result, you will see a change in the Python numbers in The Netherlands. This will be a long term trend. The usage of Python at universities will have a big impact. Python at Universities

Furthermore, Python seems to be a viable replacement for commercial software like Matlab. Especially with the rising number of users. Some companies have already made the switch. For those who haven’t, I created the course Python for Matlab users. 

Are you surprised by the courses in this list? Or are you currently taking a course which you think should be included? Do you think it can replace Matlab? Please feel free to leave a comment!

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