Python books to help you level up

Published on November 11th, 2020

Python books

Python books can help you level up as a programmer.

In this post you can find my recommendations. To get the most out of a book, you should pick one that matches your current level. Therefore the recommendations are split into three categories: beginners, intermediate/advanced and programming in general.

Python books for Beginners

Python LogoFirst, when you are just starting your learning journey, you want a book about the basics. The following three are my favourites for Python beginners. They clearly explain the basics and get high ratings on Goodreads/Amazon. The last one is less known, but introduces you to a very important topic: Test-Driven Design. It uses the Django framework to teach you the principles, so you get to learn about that framework too.

Python books for Intermediate & Advanced

Secondly, when you are developing Python code already, you want books that help you improve your code. Below are three popular books. Whatever level you are currently at, you should be able to get some useful pieces of advice from these.

Programming books

Thirdly, it is helpful to look “outside” of the Python domain. The following books are about programming in general. They will help you to write better code. Most concepts are not language specific, but can be applied to any language.


To conclude: reading a book on Python or programming is another way to learn. You will not be able te learn enough just by reading, so you do need to use other learning methods too. The most important one is of course: practice! You can use the Open Data Tutorials for some ideas.  Also, you could use other resources on this website, like the Quizzes, YouTube Videos and the Learning Path. If you need any extra help, check out the Mentoring options. 

So, which of these books did you like best? Would you recommend any other ones? Let us know via the comments!

Happy coding!

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