Automation with Python and Zapier, IFTTT, Flow, etc.

Automation with Python becomes a lot of fun when you combine it with services like Zapier, IFTTT, Microsoft Flow and others. You can write small Python scripts that can trigger other actions. Like sending an e-mail or text message to yourself. In this article you can find a brief overview of these services. Automation Services There … Continue reading “Automation with Python and Zapier, IFTTT, Flow, etc.”

Real Time KPI monitoring with Google Cloud & Python

“Create dashboards to monitor KPIs…” This is often my answer to a question I regularly get from business people: what can you do with Python? Let me walk you through a simple example for my own business. This time with Google Cloud. Google Data Studio Let’s start with the end in mind: we want to … Continue reading “Real Time KPI monitoring with Google Cloud & Python”

Fully Automated Dashboards – Get started!

Almost all organisations have data in various locations and applications. If you work in an office, you’ll probably recognise this. You run various reports to get all the insights you need. What if you could see all key performance indicators (KPIs) in one go? Using one single dashboard with all your KPIs enables you to … Continue reading “Fully Automated Dashboards – Get started!”

ScanBizCards: Business Cards Directly into CRM

You urgently need to call one of your companies’ clients. You have the phone in your hand ready to dial. You check your companies customer relationship management (CRM) software only to find out that the client’s phone number is missing. Extremely frustrating, right? Plus a massive time waster, because now you need to go look … Continue reading “ScanBizCards: Business Cards Directly into CRM”